My Favourite Social Media Hacks – Education For Boudoir Photographers- Education For Boudoir Photographers

My Favourite Social Media Hacks – Education For Boudoir Photographers – Education For Boudoir Photographers

I wanted to share with you a few of the social media hacks that work really well for me. I know it can be a challenge especially in the beginning of your business, to get the engagement that we are wanting. Here are a few ways that you can up your engagement and get my eye balls on your posts.

Have A Call To Action

What is a call to action you ask! It’s simply a question you ask your audience, or something you get them to do. It can be a simple question that you ask your followers or group members. A call to action can be asking them to do something, like click a button or like a certain post. Its all about getting your people to respond to what you have in your post.

Respond To Your Tribe

It is vital that you engage with your group posts and personally answer every persons comment. This will help build your relationship with your group and help build the know, like, trust factor with your tribe. So, when you post, be sure to stick around for a while to respond right away to comments. Plus, when you respond, it tells Facebook or Instagram that the thread or your post is hot and people like it, so Facebook in turn shows your post to others. Not only will Facebook show your post to others on that one post, but will see that your content is relevant and will show all your posts to your people more often.

Consistent Posting

Being consistent with your posting is always super important. Posting on a regular basis will help your people that you are here to stay. Also keeps you fresh in their minds. So be sure to post regularly and this will help your engagement also. I hope you found my social media hack helpful!

Happy Posting



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