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Bring the joy back into your workouts

This was so true for me! I used to be hard core into fitness. I have to say I really enjoyed it, but my reasons were to stay slim and in shape. I will be honest it wasn’t always the healthiest way of thinking. I was obsessed with staying thin and I have broken free of that way of thinking. I eat healthy and I engage in exercise because I like to. It’s become a health thing for me now. I obtained so many injuries from lifting heavy weights. I have scaled back and practice yoga and lift no more then 10lbs free weights. I no longer belong to a gym, but rather workout from home. Really to be honest, I don’t have the time to dedicate to those types of long workouts anymore. I eat healthy food and do more of listening to my body, and I am better in tuned with it. I really want women to embrace their own body shapes and exercise and eat right for health! If you are struggling with what the media is tell you, then I just want you to free yourself from that! Listen to your own body and what makes it feel healthy and strong. We don’t need to live up to some stereotypical ideal that isn’t really real anyway..

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